custom fortune cookies

3 Unique Custom Personalized Sweet Gifts Ideas

1. Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are those which have your fortune written on a piece of paper which you find when you break open the delectable cookie. Magically, the random cookie selected by you is the very cookie that prophesises your fortune. These fortunes are written and baked with the cookies to give your after meal experience a surreal effect. These are randomly written and randomly selected. Amazeology gives you the delightful option of custom fortune cookies. Not only can you have the fortune cookies individually wrapped in cello bags with a custom made sticker on them, but you can decide the fortune of your loved ones and give them a super surprise. Just simply log onto the Amazeology India website.  Since the ordering is via their website, it obviates the necessity of battling traffic snarls and rushing to shop. Sip a cup of coffee instead and concentrate on the person for whom you are ordering these mouth watering cookies. You can get them dipped in chocolate and add colourful sprinklers to add a sparkle in the recipient’s eyes. Other than printed stickers, you can get printing done directly on the cookies itself.

custom fortune cookies

2. Kaju Katli

The all time favourite kaju katli is one of the most popular Indian sweets. The kaju katli price in Delhi has never deterred the buyers. People buy this mithai all through the year and in bulk during the wedding and festival season. First time in the world someone has taken the initiative to transform the conventional kaju katli. Amazeology India has introduced the concept of printed kaju katli. You can log onto and order custom printed kaju katli. The fascinating world of Amazeology India allows you to order designer kaju katli by a click of a couple of buttons. Kaju katli online India makes mouth gape wide open. You can download photographs from the social networking sites and get them printed on kaju barfi online to delight your loved ones. The kaju katli price can be paid easily on kaju katli online order. Kaju katli buy online, and save yourselves lots of time. The kaju katli price per kg is worth every penny considering the fact that this kaju katli is what dreams and fantasies are made of.

custom printed Kaju katlis

3. Macaron

Amaze your loved ones in a way no one else can, with these little bites of heaven!
Presenting custom printed Macarons , available in 5 different shell colours and 5 delectable filling types, you get to build the macaron with any combination, but the most enthralling of all highlights is our unique feature to print your personal message, photograph or animation on the macarons and completely customize them especially for you! If in case photos are not your thing, then browse through our gallery where we’ve designed heaps of unique prints to make life easy and sweeter for you!
Amaze your loved ones with these little bites of heaven today.

custom printed macarons