Amazeology is a unique manufacturer of bespoke confectionery in Australasia.

At Amazeology, we want to help you build your brand awareness using quality custom printed promotional confectionery in an exciting manner.

We understand that you would want to see an accurate visual image before committing to the order. Our dedicated design team ensures that you are provided an image that comes close to the final product.

Although we produce accurate visual representations of custom products for you to review before manufacturing begins, it can be difficult to imagine exactly how a new product will look and feel without holding it in your hand. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with the items that they order from us, we are happy to manufacture one off samples of corporate gifts for wholesale business enquiries or individual company marketing campaigns. A small fee is charged for this service which is set off from the invoice value of the final order.

Our client base includes …… organizations and government agencies.

We can reach your order in all the serviceable locations in India and Australia, so you can place your order, sit back and relax. The order will reach you on the timelines committed by our team.

Our delivery times are short because there is no middle man and only one route. Straight from our factory to you.

If you can’t find what you are seeking on the website – give us a call! We can probably help.

The Customized packing options with a choice of filling are perfect for a whole host of promotions whether it be for festive giveaways,tradeshows,exibitions,confrences,corporate events or new product promotions.

We offer a variety of confectionery including Jelly Beans,Mixed Jellies,Chocolate Rocks and Gems.These are Sourced from large transnational manufacturers or imported,with maximum emphasis on quality and taste.

The customized packing options with a choice of fillings are perfect for a whole host of promotions whether it be for festive give ways,tradeshours,exhibitions,conferences,corporate events or new product promotions.