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Custom Personalized Sweet Gift Ideas for this Christmas

The most exciting month of the year all over the world is definitely December, which hosts not only Christmas but also welcomes the advent of the New Year. Christmas, which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, is a time of family and social gatherings, merry making, surprises and gifts. People of all age groups wait to see what gifts have been left by their loved ones on the base of the Christmas tree in colourful wrapping papers. Children begin writing letters to their beloved Santa Claus as soon as December begins. They want to ensure that he receives their letters and packs little surprises for Christmas. That’s a lot of children to please for Santa. And definitely a lot of gifts to get ready. Every year it is the same struggle. Think of new ideas for gifts. I gifted my girlfriend the new book by my favourite author, and that was the end of our relationship. How can someone not be interested in the universe and space? After all it is the basis of life. Mom loves clothes but she always needs to change the sari I buy with so much love and care. Last year, I presented her one of the latest designer saris. It had such vibrant colour umbrellas printed all over. The most difficult gift to chose is for dad. I end up buying a perfume every year and I end up using it every year too, when I find it placed discreetly on my bathroom rack. However, this year I discovered magic. My friends gifted me a box of cookies by Amazeology which had my photographs printed on them, nine of my favourite snaps downloaded from the social networking sites. This was my birthday gift and probably the most out of the box thought about surprise. I wanted to preserve it until posterity and therefore it took a super human effort to actually eat them. But I savoured each bite with loving delight. And with cookie I downed, I realized that this was Newton moment. I could actually picture the faces of all my loved ones as I packed the most amazing gifts for them this Christmas. For the first time ever I knew that packed with these gifts, there was zero chance of failure. The first Christmas gift would for the new intern in the publishing department. She always turned around when I walked to the first floor and gave me a shy smile. Amazeology India has come to my rescue and decided to give me a Christmas with a new twist.

There are lots of sweets at Amazeology with a gallery of designs to choose from. Their unique custom printed kaju katli sweet can be dressed in greens and reds and served with the Christmas dinner. The melange of designs created by the Amazeology team can be printed on the sweets to give an edge to your dinner. These can be customized with photographs, pictures, and messages to be handed out as Christmas Sweets.

custom printed Kaju katlis

Personalised fortune cookies can add a surreal, magical effect to the holiday season. Get the fortunes of your loved ones printed as you want and hear their delightful squeals when they open up their wrappers and find lady luck beaming at them prophesising life’s very best. Pack customized fortune cookies and place them at the base of the X-mas tree to be discovered by your children, nieces and nephews. Christmas fortune cookies sayings would definitely steal the show.

Christmas Fortune Cookies

Personalised macarons printed with photographs can be wrapped in cellophane and placed along with Christmas gifts personalising each gift to a different level all together. Christmas macarons with your chosen photographs, pictures, monograms and messages can also be used as decorations for the tree. Imagine waking up to a tree which has edible photographs printed on macarons and adorning your Christmas tree.

Christmas macarons

Log onto and get blown off your feet by their extent of personalizing kaju katli, macarons, fortune cookies and choco beans to suit your requirement for the holiday season. Download photographs of family and friends and gift them never thought of before, edible sweets this Christmas. And shopping for these gifts is so easy. Avoid the holiday rush. Sit in the comfort of your home or office, log on, and create magic. Download photographs, pictures, choose messages and monograms and pay online. The orders can be delivered to you or can reach the door step of your loved ones. Choose fast. See yourself turning into their very favourite Santa!!