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What are Fortune Cookies? How to Order Custom Personalized Fortune Cookies Online

The USP of fortune cookies is their crispness and the piece of paper to be discovered inside. This generally has an aphorism or a generic prophecy written on it. If you open fifty cookies, the chances are that one out of every five cookies would have the same fortune printed on it. However, even if you know this at the back of your mind, the old world charm that a fortune cookie carries wins over all logic and brings a smile on your face.

A fortune cookie is made after combining flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil. These are often served after dinner in Chinese restaurants in Western countries. There is no unanimity regarding their exact origin though they seemed to have been made by Japanese immigrants to the United States. This may have been in the late 19th or early 20th century. The Japanese version of the fortune cookies was eaten with tea. This raises their value since tea is considered to be an almost holy tradition in Japan.

There was a time around World War II when the fortune cookies were called “fortune tea cakes”. This seemed to reflect their origins in Japanese tea cakes. Fortune cookies were also handmade before the early twentieth century. The industry took a drastic change when the fortune cookie machine was invented by a person named Shuck Yee who belonged to Oakland in California, USA. This resulted in the mass production and a drastic drop in prices. The fortune cookie machine folds the dough and slips in the fortune. They then became a courtesy dessert served after meals at most Chinese restaurants. Desserts are not normally a part of a Chinese meal and hence the cookies became something to look forward to.

Fortune cookies are served in Chinese restaurants in countries such as Australia, America, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, India, etc. They are gaining a lot of popularity in India because they manage to delight not just children and teenagers with their fortunes or personalized messages, but also small manufacturers and corporate giants who may put in custom personalized messages to popularize their product.

There are varied versions of the fortune cookie. In Mexico, the fortune cookie is called the “Lucky Taco” because the cookie is a red taco-shaped cookie with a fortune inside. In Italy, it is called the “Lucky Canoli”.

Fortune cookies have become so popular that they are inspiring many products across the globe. Now you can find fortune cookie-shaped jewelry, fortune cookie-shaped Magic 8 Ball, and silver-plated fortune cookies. Interestingly, fortune cookie toilet paper has become popular among university students in Greece and Italy. When the toilet paper is moistened, words of wisdom appear on the paper.

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A look of surprise on a loved one’s face is worth more than a million rupees. Shanta was going through her daily chores. Jeans rolled up halfway, hair pulled back in an austere bun, mind full of the list of things to be completed before the children returned from school. The doorbell was only an irritant. She called out to the maid and getting no answer, hurried to open the door. A courier….. now what has Ajit ordered, got to be some new gizmo, men will forever remain men. Wait a minute. The parcel is addressed to Shanta. Tucking her stray strand of hair behind her ear, she signs the acknowledgment and receives her mysterious package. Curiosity gets the better of her. Turning off the gas, she sits down for a moment on the dining chair and unwraps her gift. Voila! What is this? A packet of fortune cookies from Amazeology India. She breaks open one, puts it in her mouth and opens the folded piece of paper inside. “Your husband loves you very much.” She quickly gobbles the second cookie and hurriedly reads the next message, “You are the sunshine of Ajit’s life”. Now all chores forgotten for the moment, Shanta starts breaking open the other cookies to read the rest of the messages. “Mamma, you mean the world to us, Anya, Arav.” “You are the most beautiful woman on this planet.” The mobile ring got Shanta out of her reverie. As she hears Ajit’s voice, she gets choked up. “Thanks” comes out from between the mouthful of fortune cookies. And then both of them burst out laughing. This was truly the mother of all surprises when she least expected it. Thank you Amazeology for your custom personalized cookies available in India now.

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The question is what are fortune cookies and how to order custom personalized cookies online? Having already gone through the history of fortune cookies, let us explore this innovative option of personalized fortune cookies. Traditionally fortune cookies, as the name suggests, opened up to tell you your fortune. However, the innovative brains behind Amazeology India decided to do things differently. The Amazeology India fortune cookies are custom printed personalized. You can, therefore, customize your messages to suit the occasion. They can be used to surprise a loved one, be an option for giveaways at general parties, birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali gifts, Christmas gifts, New Year gifts and much more. They can be used for special announcements such as your pregnancy, arrival of a baby, engagement, promotion, buying a new car, buying a new house or to just say, “I love you” when you surprise your wife with a solitaire or vice versa, when you buy your husband his favourite scent. Why not send “You are the best” message to your parents or “We are proud of your achievement” messages to your children? And Amazeology offers you all this with simply clicking some buttons on their website You can even have the fortune cookies individually wrapped in cello bags with a custom made sticker on them. Simply log onto the website and scroll down to the fortune cookies. Click on customize and select your message type. You have the option of selecting random messages from their generic pool or writing your own. You can now decorate them as you want. Dip them in mouthwatering chocolate and add some jazz with adding sprinkles. You can go a step further with a custom printed sticker on the bag or direct print on the cookie itself. Do all this in the comfort of your home. Order online and get these delectable fortune cookies delivered at home. You do not compromise anywhere. Not only do these cookies taste heavenly, they are customized just as you want them.