custom printed kaju katli

Which is the most mouth watering Indian mithai (sweets)? And how Amazeology India change the way of it.

Vishal is buttoning his new orange kurta when Isha walks in. She looks resplendent in a hot pink sari. He turns around and asks her if the caterers have arrived and if everything is ready for the Diwali party. As she reaches the dresser to retrieve her perfume, she smiles in the affirmative. Even after seven years of marriage, he is as much in love with her as the time they were courting. “And what about the Diwali gifts you were going to arrange for the guests?” “They have arrived”, she says without elaborating. “Isha what is the big deal? You have been walking around with a mysterious smile this entire week refusing to tell me what has been your Eureka moment, what are the gifts you have arranged for.” “You will know soon honey” and she hurries outside not wanting to get into a further conversation. It had been hiding her discovery from Vishal but she did so want to surprise him. It was a perfect evening as everything arranged by Isha tends to be. The guests are in awe of the food, the music, the decor and the festive rangoli adorned by diyas. And soon it is time to say good bye to the evening and to our guests. Isha asks us to wait and goes into the kitchen trailed by our maid Radha. Soon they come out. Radha is carrying a large tray laden with colourful packets each carrying the names of our guests. She motions to me and as we wish our friends a happy Diwali and present them a box, she smiles and urges them to open the same.

As the boxes are opened, my curiosity is piqued. Each box has a colourful tile with a picture of our guest’s family and a message from Isha and me. “Wow Isha, this is gorgeous. Love the tile with a printed photograph”. Isha has a smile on her face indicating there is more to this than meets the eye. She asks me to open a box and voila, it has a similar tile with my favourite picture of the both of us basking in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. “Break it Vishal”. I am confused. “Go on Vishal break it”. By now, my curiosity has got the better of me and I try to break the tile with my hand. Surprisingly it breaks quite easily. She takes the piece from my hand and force feeds me. “Holy cow, it is my all time favourite sweet.” “Isha, don’t tell me this is printed kaju katli?” By now I can see enough and more mouth gaped open. They chorus, “Isha, how did you manage this?” Isha is all smiles. “Yes, this is the first time in the world that someone has managed to come up with designer kaju katli. You can log onto Amazeology India and order kaju barfi/katli online in India is very easy to order. Once you log in, you can design your very own kaju katli. Just upload photographs from social networking site such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram or select design from our gallery and order kaju katli online ship to anywhere in India. Get custom printed kaju katli online with your customized design with affordable price. I think short of giving her a standing ovation; our friends did all they could. Isha and I received much praise and hugs for her research. Not only fascinating, this was unbelievable. And once again I basked in a very proud moment.

Kaju Katli for diwalicustom printed Kaju katlis-4

As I discovered the Amzeology India site with Isha, later in the night, I felt like Charlie in Roald Dahl’s fantasy “Charlie and the Chocolate factory”.  I wanted to repeat this for my staff and therefore explored the possibility of printing the company’s logo on kaju katli. This is of course very much possible. I checked on the kaju katli price per kg and it was very much within the office budget. The very next day I placed kaju katli online order and marveled at how simple it was to do so. The Shipping is available on all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai and other cities of India. custom printed kaju katli was very affordable and I smiled at Isha’s discovery which made this Diwali so memorable.

custom printed Kaju katlis-3

The Indian sweets or mithai continue to fascinate the sweet tooth. The big Indian favourite kaju katli has a new avatar thanks to the young and enterprising team of Amazeology India. Their custom printed kaju katli is not only mouth watering but a visual treat as well. Everytime there is a hit on the website; Amazeology India leaves people with mouths gaped open as they discover an unbelievable world of sweets.