About Us

Three unlike professionals, Diksha, Anuj and Sameer wished to work together for years, yet physical distance and personal projects kept them apart. But the common desire to turn into first generation billionaires kept bringing them back on a call or Skype.

Better known in their internal communication as “S” “A” “D”, it is the last emotion on their mind given the fact that they are finally crossing continents to work together with the Amazeology brand and concept.

Amazeology is an offshoot of D’s efforts in the chocolate manufacturing and printing since 2009. She has successfully managed ‘Chocolate Prints’ since she founded it in 2009 alongwith her better half. ‘Chocolate Prints has won many accolades and awards.

Diksha brings to Amazeology India her expertise as a chocolatier in manufacturing and designing.

Sameer is a Banker with more than two decades of experience primarily with leading international Banks. He has professional experience of having worked in India, USA, China and Hong Kong. He also manages a bespoke management consulting firm.

Sameer brings the boring additives required to make Amazeology the most well known brand in customized confectionary in India, His management consulting experience and a banker’s mind should provide the anchor for Amazeology India.

Anuj has been busy in the space of printing and packaging when he had time to spare between his modelling and music video shoots. Over the last half a decade, since modelling offers waned with maturity, he has been actively engaged with corporates in Indiafulfilling their need for marketing enablement products. Anuj and Sameer already have a successful venture in India that is involved in both manufacturing and trading in mobile accessories. They are OEM suppliers to some of the largest Telecom Transnationals.

Anuj brings the much needed glamour quotient and energy to Amazeology India.

All three of them are sure that their efforts will bear fruit as they soft launch the brand in August 2016.
Amazeology India is brought to you by DNA Works, New Delhi