Square cookies

Doesn’t get more unique than this! A box of 9 soft and squishy Square cookies custom printed with your images or text. Each piece is customized with an individual print so the toughest thing building this box will be to decide which 9 images to print! Upload images straight from your Instagram, Facebook or your computer, write your own text or simply use images from our gallery to get started!


Custom printed Choco Beans – yes that’s right!!!! There’s a hidden kid within all of us, and to satiate that inner feeling, one can get their own text and designs printed on their favourite Choco Beans. You can take your Gifting to a whole new level by customizing your choco beans and make that indelible impression on your loved ones.

Fortune Cookies

The Old Fashioned vanilla Fortune Cookie makes a comeback as a customizable option for parties, corporate events and general give-aways. Now you can decide your own fortune or that of your loved ones and have them inside the cookie. Now, isn’t that amazing !! And then you can have the fortune cookies individually wrapped in cello bags with a custom made sticker on them.


If you can imagine it, we can probably create it!!
Being Introduced for the first time in the world, customize India's favourite Sweet - KAJU KATLIS with your own pictures, messages, invitation cards and monograms, a mouth-watering 300 gram edible kaju katli slab comes packed in beautiful green and peach box making it completely irresistible. Give a unique twist to your festive gifting this season giving it a mix of tradition and technology.


Presenting CUSTOM PRINTED MACARONS, available in 5 different shell colours and 5 delectable filling types, you get to build the macaron with any combination,
but the most enthralling of all highlights is our unique feature to print your personal message, photograph or animation on the macarons and completely customize them especially for you!