The difference an extra ‘O’ can make!

A single ‘o’ can make a lot of difference in the world of French confections, its addition to the elegant sandwich cookie, MACARON, would make it MACAROON, which is NOT the same thing. Yes the both are deserts and their etymology lies in the Italian word ammaccare, meaning ‘to crush’, but those are the only similarities they share.

Confused? So was I. But allow me to explain!

A Macaroon (with a double ‘O’) is a not-so-pretty French cookie that can easily be prepared at home within no time. It has a soft chewy texture and is most often made with desiccated coconut. There aren’t many flavors that you can have in these, but they are dipped in chocolate sometimes, adding to their gooey goodness. They will have you immediately reminiscing you grand mom’s cooking delights.

A Macaron (with a single ‘O’) is a deliciously dainty combination of two meringues sandwiching a filling. They are crispy on the outside and as light as a cloud when you bite into them! Macarons can be found in a large variety of flavors. But don’t be deceived by their simple elegance, they are extremely complex to make and it takes years of practice to perfect the art of making them. In recent times, they have become the trendiest dessert to serve at high tea parties and brunches and they surely make a classy wedding give away! The best part is, we customize them to your taste J


Remember, it’s a macaron not a macaroon !
Have a good day, have a macaron !!

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